Ian Allan's 20th Century Railways


An Ian Allan Railway ABC inventory from 1942 onwards. Revised April 2016. Richard Cunningham, Richmond, Virginia, USA A retired Brit from USA, returned to his teenage passion - UK railways, with a particular affection for the Ian Allan ABC series and the Platform 5 publications. I have a complete collection of their spotters books from 1942, the subject of my first book. I also enjoy restoring ABCs. I am an enthusiastic ebay buyer of old and damaged Ian Allan railway books. I started to sell restored copies in January 2011. I make no claims about their investment value although I hope they will come to be regarded as great value collectors items in their own right; items which are accessible to folks with a limited budget. I lovingly restore them. Quality restored editions are very pleasing to own and to handle without fear of spine damage and they come with the option to return them in a timely manner for a full refund. I have restored 104 with 100% satisfaction as at the end of June 2013.

The Artist and Advertisements

Baldwin 1940's.

A.N.Wolstenholme 1947-1948 Editions.

A.N.Wolstenholme Sketches 1940's & 1950's.

The images on this page all feature GWR regional cover sketches. All the other concurrent regional editions, and the CV jacket,(or the laminated cover) featured the same locomotive.