Published: 5/55.

Combined Dust Jacket with 2 wine-coloured buckram board covers. The left image may well be a faded right image,
Published: 5/55.
Pages: 288.
Price: 10/- .
Code: 465/C/80/555.
Cover: A. N. Wolstenholme. BR Standard ‘7MT’ (original classification, later ‘7P6F’) Class Pacific 70000 “Britannia.” The same image was used on all Summer 1955 editions. Keynotes:
Codes: These appear on all part editions for the fourth time (third consecutive). The first in a sequence of all coded parts and CVs which continued until the 1965 edition. The Spring and Summer 1955 editions include details of the 15 extra proposed ‘Clan’ Pacifics which were never built.