OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor many years, folks with an interest in Ian Allan’s ‘abc’ publications have been able to reference a small number of publications containing text lists of Ian Allan’s abc books. The pioneering work began with the Ian Allan ABC Locomotive Series 1942 – 1990 compiled by Laurence Waters. This was first published in 1986 and was updated to include diesels in 1991. In 1991, George Burbage-Atter started to publish his ABC Transport and Hobbies abc guides. His fourth railway edition was published in 2012.
To date nobody has produced an illustrated reference book covering Ian Allan railway publications. With over 1900 scanned images, this book fills that gap for the many spotters who now collect Ian Allan material, those who simply love to read about and research this subject, and those who deal in these publications.
In addition to his encouragement, I am also particularly indebted to John Debens for supplying scarcity ratings for the steam abcs 1942-1968 . They represent another unique feature of this publication. Based on a lifetime of experience, John has rated unmarked abcs in good or better condition according to scarcity, with 0 being the rarest and 9 being the most common.
This three year project started in January 2010 with collecting all the Ian Allan titles detailed herein and the recording of basic scans and text information. By February 2012, it was possible to start organizing the material and indexing the book, a project completed just over one year later. I hope you are pleased with the results and will assist me with feedback.
To the best of my knowledge, “Ian Allan’s 20th Century Railways” is the only fully colour illustrated book to catalogue known railway abc material within its range. All abc variations known to me and other contributors at the time of publication have been included. It also includes details of many other classic series, reaching far beyond those publications produced with lists of locomotive numbers.
I would be most grateful for feedback from readers who are able to assist me with additional information about missing material, other variations, or factual adjustments. This will ensure that any future editions of this book, or supplements, are even more comprehensive, complete and accurate than this first edition.
Who said, “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!”
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