Ian Allan's 20th Century Railways


An Ian Allan Railway ABC inventory from 1942 onwards. Revised April 2016. Richard Cunningham, Richmond, Virginia, USA A retired Brit from USA, returned to his teenage passion - UK railways, with a particular affection for the Ian Allan ABC series and the Platform 5 publications. I have a complete collection of their spotters books from 1942, the subject of my first book. I also enjoy restoring ABCs. I am an enthusiastic ebay buyer of old and damaged Ian Allan railway books. I started to sell restored copies in January 2011. I make no claims about their investment value although I hope they will come to be regarded as great value collectors items in their own right; items which are accessible to folks with a limited budget. I lovingly restore them. Quality restored editions are very pleasing to own and to handle without fear of spine damage and they come with the option to return them in a timely manner for a full refund. I have restored 160 with 100% satisfaction as at the end of June 2016.

Railway ABC Sections


Section 1

Before The Grouping 1942-1948

The ABCs of Southern Locomotives 1942-1948 The ABCs of Southern Electrics 1942-1946
The ABCs of Great Western Locomotives 1943-1948
The ABCs of LMS & Irish Locomotives 1943-1948
The ABCs of LNER Locomotives 1943-1948
The Combined Volumes 1943-1947 F.Burtt Series-Southern Pre-grouping 1946-1949
Before The Grouping 1952 Famous Locomotive Types 1944-1950
Locomotive Engineers 1946


Section 2

After The Grouping 1949-1989

Locomotives at The Grouping 1965-1967
The ABCs-Diesels and Electrics 1947-1958
The ABCs-Combined Regional & Sectional Editions 1948-1989
The ABCs-Coaches and Coaching Stock 1948-1989
The ABCs-The Locoshed Books 1950-1985
The Locoshed Directories 1947-1984
The Locolog Books 1946-1970s
The ABCs-The Headcode Books 1961-1968
The ABCs-London Transport Railways 1944-1969
The ABCs-London Transport Locomotives & Rolling Stock 1966-1969
London's Underground 1951


Section 3

The Reprints 1966-2016

Combined Volumes 1966 - 2016
Individual Editions 1967 - 2004
Transport of the Forties 1966-1967
Locomotives at The Grouping 1974


Section 4

The Annual Publications 1947-1991

Trains Annuals 1947-58
Trains Illustrated Annuals 1959-1962
Trains Annuals 1963-1971
Trains Illustrated Summer Annuals 1957-1960
Locospotters Annuals 1957-1971
Railway World Annuals 1972-1988
Railway World Year Books 1889-1991
Modern Railways Pictorial Annuals 1985-1986
Motive Power Annuals 1987-1988
Motive Power Reviews 1989-1990
The Railway Annual 1991


Section 5

Other Series Publications 1947-2013

Great Eastern,Great Western,Great Northern 1959-1962
Meet The Locomotive 1947 Famous Trains 1955-1959
British Express Trains 1959-1962
Diesel Locomotives 1956-1963
Continental Railways Handbooks & Related 1952-1988
The ABCs of Railway Owned Ships 1946-1962
British & European Railway Atlases and Sectional Maps 1948-2011
BR Diaries 1985-1988
British Railway Signaling 1963-1980
The ABCs+ of Preserved Locomotives 1981-1992
Railways Restored 1980-2013
Recognition Series 1981-2012
Signaling and Signal Boxes 1992-2010
Locomotive and Rolling Stock Drawings 1963-1985


Section 5

Other Series Publications (cont'd) 1947-2012

London's Underground 1944-2011
British Steam Locomotives 1967
Pictorial Histories 197o-1993
British Rail Fleet Surveys 1981-1990
Rail Centres 1981-1996
Rail Super Centres 1992-1993
Regional Rail Centres 1995
Modern Railways Pictorial Profiles 1983-1986
Railway World Specials 1984-1991
Great Preserved Locomotives 1984-1987
From The Footplate 1988-1998
The Last Years of British Steam 1968-1973


Section 6

Photography Collections

Titans/Veterans of The Track 1944-1947
Other ABC Locomotive and Similar Publications 1946-50
Special Bindings 1946-1950
My Best Railway Photographs 1946-1949
Train Photopix 1949-1954
Studies in Steam & Trains Wonderpix 1947-1950
British Trains In Pictures 1952
Trains of Britain and British Locomotives 1951-1952
Trains Albums 1953-1959
British Rail in The Fifties 1977
British Rail Scrapbook 1976-1978
Trains in The Eighties 1991-1995
Trains Illustrated Photo Albums 1952-1953 and Locospotters
Specials Single Edition Collections 1950-1981
Trains Illustrated-The Last Years of British Steam 1967-1973


Section 7

Private, Narrow Gauge, Miniature Light & Model Railways

Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway 1946-1970.
Narrow Gauge, Light and Miniature Railways.
Festiniog,Minor and Vale of Rheidol Railways.
Snowdon Mountain Railway 1951-1979.
The Dart Valley Railway 1969-1971.
ABC - Model Railways 1956-1962.


Section 8

The Artists and Advertisements

Baldwin - 194os.
A.N.Wolstenholme 194os - 1950's.
Vic Welch - 1959-1963.


Section 9

Softback Publications

Hardback Publications
John Debens' Scarcity Ratings Summary
Contacts for Collectors